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Guerlain Fantasies Are All I Need on 18OnlyGirls! This cute little honey bun had a pair of buns to die for and we could hardly wait to slide our cock between them and feel how soft and sensual they were, but first we had to sit through the little performance she had planned for us.  For an amateur she did a pretty hot striptease that showed us just a bit of a boob and then a bit of ass.  We also loved it when she bent over and pulled her panties aside so we could examine the pink inside of her twat.   It was as good as being a gynecology student. She then got on top of us and fucked us vigourously before we flipped her over and pounded her ass with a rod.  When we could not stand the exquisite pleasure of fucking her any more we pulled out and came all over her butt.


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